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Innovasic Semiconductors

- for ending `End of Life` MCU problems and for Ethernet and Profinet solutions


Innovasic Semiconductors  is a company that specialises in microprocessors that are end of life , but still used in projects with a long life cycle. Innovasic is a fabless semiconductor company focussed on serving the industrial market. I million 100% replacement micro’s have already been shipped as a result of previous End of Life (EoL) notices.

As well as the replacement Micros , Innovasic has it’s own brand of 32bit Industrial MCU’s, `FIDO` (Flexible Input Deterministic Output Microcontroller ), designed to overcome obsolescence problems. See details below  Dedicated products based on the Fido architecture offer Ethernet and Profinet solutions.

For more information call Marketron 01983 868847, or 01386 953036 or visit the  Innovasic website  <http://www.innovasic.com>


Standard Products.  These devices are field-proven and are designed to be 100% compatible with the original manufacturers parts.  

Part Number IC Description Compatible With Product Details
IA186EM  16-Bit Microcontroller AMD® Am186EM  
IA188EM 16-Bit Microcontroller

AMD® Am188EM  
IA186ES 16-Bit Microcontroller AMD® Am186ES  
IA188ES 16-Bit Microcontroller AMD® Am188ES  
IA2910A Microprogram Controller AMD® 2910A  
IA543601 256 x 36 x 2 Bi-directional FIFO Sharp® LH543601  
IA59032 Microprocessor WSI 59032  
IA64250 Histogram/Hough Transform Processor LSI Logic® L64250  
IA64F3048SEC Security-Enhanced Microcontroller Hitachi® H8/300H Family  
IA6805E2 Microcomputer Unit Motorola®
MC146805E2 and Harris® CDP6805E2
IA70CX0 8-Bit Microcontroller Texas Instruments®
TMS70C20 and TMS70C40
IA80C152 Universal Communications Controller Intel® 80C152  
IA8044 Serial Communications Controller Intel® 8044  
IA8344 Serial Communications Controller Intel® 8344  
IA82050 Asynchronous Serial Controller Intel® 82050  
IA82510 Asynchronous Serial Controller Intel® 82510  
IA88C00 8-Bit Microcontroller ZiLOG® Z88C00  
We will come back with some new data shortly.

Fido Microcontroller development kit.


Fido architecture.